I am currently working as a Staff Engineer at Riskalyze.

I have a few public repositories on GitHub and a public StackOverflow profile you should check out.

I have been working in the industry for over 17 years now and know what I am doing around all sorts of tech.  I am CompTIA A+ and NETWORK+ certified, had significant hands on training with the PHP Consulting Group, and continue to explore new technology and languages as they come out.  I’ll always try to complete a hello world project and mess around with their selling point features (have you seen Dark?).

Being a hacker at heart, I love to fiddle and learn new things as well as work with my hands.  I like taking on projects others would cringe at.  I play soccer in atlanta sport and social club, take kung fu on Sundays with coworkers,  and enjoy woodworking.  My biggest project so far is my house! I bought and renovated a small house in Atlanta.  I’ve done a lot of the framing for the bathroom and most of the plumbing as well as electrical throughout the house.  Also, I’d like to learn some basic blacksmithing.

While I’m not actively looking for new employment at the moment; I may entertain an interview with the right company for the right price.